It’s my turn to get a jump on the challenge this week.  I got my hands on Julie’s newest kit and could not hold myself back.  Just check PDW in the next few days for the GORGEOUS Lovebug Serenade!!!

I took this LO from a while back …

And took Julie’s kit and turned it into this….


Alright, Challenge 2 was …well, challenging.  But Julie and I actually pulled together what I think is a great LO.  We had to work together on this one layout so it was new to both of us.

Beautiful Disaster

The journaling says:

On December 11, 2008 our area

experienced a terrible ice storm. Over

a 12 hour period we were hammered

with enough ice to stop the whole

community in it’s tracks. Trees had

split and fallen all over the county.

Many of them had taken out power

lines. These photos are just a few

of the trees from our own

yard that had fallen. One

large branch broke right

through the fence where our landlord

usually parked his


The beautiful

white birch practically split

down the middle. This storm caused

thousands of homes to lose

power for everywhere from a few

hours to up to 9 days. Stores were

packed with people just trying to get

out of their homes and into a warm

place. Schools used 3 snow days

plus the weekend and the kids were going

stir crazy by

the time life

returned to some

idea of


Alrighty folks!  ADSR has begun and Julie and I are off to a great start!  I managed to get our blinkie made using Julie’s gorgeous kit Colorado Sunrise.  I just love that one!

Here’s the blinkie…

And although that was of great importance ;), the first challenge was posted and Julie and I have both finished our submissions.

You can keep an eye out on our thread at NDISB any time you want here.

Julie’s gallery is here.

Dani’s Gallery is here.

So…without further ado…our layouts.

Julie is a speed demon and was done long before me.  She did this touching layout about how her daughter couldn’t be home for Christmas this year.

And Dani did a not-so-touching layout about her daughter falling in the snow *LOL*

Welcome to the official blog of Delusional.WeAre!  We are an ADSR4 team made up of Julie from Julie.ItIs. and Dani from Dani’s Delusions.   Come back soon for lots more fun stuff!

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